Residential / Commercial / Office

Residential: Interior noise influences quality of life for occupants and can degrade property values for owners and developers. Intrusive noise from neighboring units can disturb residents and lead to legal confrontations that could be avoided with proper design. Our goal is to meet owner’s and tenants’ expectations with manageable risk and minimized construction cost. We can design to prevent intrusive noise in residential spaces, test existing residential units to check how they comply with their design and municipal codes, and model mitigation measures to ameliorate noise complaints. Our experience spans all market segments, from affordable to market rate to luxury.


Commercial / Office: Acoustical and vibration design of commercial buildings is usually driven by human sensitivities.  The goal is to deliver healthy and productive work environments, from outdoor gathering spaces to private offices to telepresence suites.  In addition to routine architectural acoustics and mechanical noise control design, we offer structural design for floor vibration control and can assist with construction mitigation and monitoring.


Below are some of our projects in residential, commercial and office settings.

Sky Las Vegas
Medico-Dental Bldg
San Francisco
San Francisco
Beverly Wilshire
Los Angeles
IBM Executive Briefing Ctr
San Jose, CA
Rosa Parks Housing Project
San Francisco
SAS Executive Briefing Center
Cary, NC
Mission Bay
San Francisco
Linear Accelerator Office Bldg
Stanford Univ
Aris-Gurney Residence
San Francisco
Vacation Ownership Resort
Palm Springs, CA
Alamo Square
San Francisco