University and National R&D Labs

Large-scale laboratory facilities integrate multiple uses, including scientific research labs, animal facilities, offices and meeting spaces.  Noise and vibration can intrude from exterior vehicle or rail traffic, from internal occupants and research equipment, or from the large machinery and delivery systems required to support these facilities.  These present a diverse and sometimes conflicting array of noise and vibration requirements, and the goal is to provide a productive design for instruments, animals and people.  Given the high stakes, these laboratories are some of our most challenging projects.  Below are some of our projects addressing the needs of humans, research animals, and advanced technology instruments in these facilities.

Nanotech Vibration Design
Center for Integrated Nanotech
Los Alamos National Labs
Benedum Hall Nanotech Labs
Univ of Pittsburgh
Gilead Sciences
US Army Medical Research Institute
Pacific Northwest National Labs
Jackson Labs
Science & Engineering Bldg
Univ of Delaware
Research & Technology Bldg
Univ of Washington
Molecular Engineering Bldg
Univ of Washington
Collaborative Life Sciences Bldg
Oregon Health Sciences Univ
Translational Research Institute
Florida Hospital