Audio Visual

VACC is excited to introduce a new service: the design, installation and maintenance of audio-visual (AV) facilities. This offering draws on our skillset in audio engineering, room acoustics, and audio-visual design.


  • Customize: meet with the client to discuss AV requirements and specify an AV installation to optimize reliability and economy.
  • AV design: use our AV skills to design a AV installation that is state-of-the-art in performance, connectivity, security and reliability.
  • Acoustical design: for a new AV space, use our acoustical skills to design for audibility, acoustical comfort, effective communication and sound isolation for security and comfort.
  • Troubleshoot & upgrade: for existing AV installations, prescribe sound treatments to improve audibility and sound isolation and troubleshoot or replace problem AV components.
  • Maintenance: provide periodic maintenance on installed AV systems to maintain performance and ensure reliability.


Below are some of the projects performed by our staff.

America Center, San Jose
Tech company, Cupertino