Vibration Measurement & Testing

Nanotechnology, semiconductor fabrication and imaging facilities require an ultra-low vibration environment, otherwise research accuracy or production yield suffers.  The first step in a new design is often a careful measurement of the interior and/or exterior baseline vibration environment.  Alternately, an existing design might be measured to diagnose noise complaints or confirm compliance with noise regulations.  In a different area, vibration measurements may be required to monitor and regulate vibration levels due to construction activities.  We have extensive experience with vibration measurements in all kinds of spaces and environments.  Below are some of our projects in which vibration measurement and/or testing was critical to the client’s needs or the success of a design or the progress of a construction project.

Samsung Austin Semiconductor
Eli Lilly Corporate Research Center
Toppoly Optoelectronics Fab
Chunan, Taiwan
US Army Medical Research Institute
Novo Nordisk A/S
Sound Transit
Univ of Washington
Purple Line LRT
Univ of Maryland
Peninsula Pipelines
San Francisco Bay Area
Impact Press