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Matt Sneddon

Matt Sneddon has over thirty years’ experience conducting a broad variety of acoustics and vibration consulting, research, and testing activities. Much of this work has been interdisciplinary, involving acoustics, signal processing, materials science, and software development, and on projects ranging from small consultations to large multi-year R&D initiatives. He is equally at home managing the activities of project teams, mentoring technical staff, and working hands-on in direct technical roles.

Major project experience includes an extensive range of acoustic test & measurement programs, transportation and community noise studies, as well as modeling, simulation, & software development tasks. Recent activities include developing improved methods for modeling elastic wave propagation through soils, and characterizing the behavior of high transmission-loss acoustic metamaterials.

Professional Experience
2015 - Present Consultant, Vibro-Acoustic Consultants
2009 - 2014 Visiting Scholar, University of Southern California
2011 - 2013 Principal Consultant, ATS Consulting
2008 - 2009 Visiting Faculty, University of Southern California
2001 - Present President, Wavefront Scientific
1991 - 2001 Senior Scientist, Bolt Beranek and Newman
1989 - 1991 Staff Scientist, Bolt Beranek and Newman
1986 - 1989 Senior Consultant, Bolt Beranek and Newman
1978 - 1986 Staff Consultant, Bolt Beranek and Newman

B.S., Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara, 1978

Professional Affiliations
Member, Acoustical Society of America
Member, Institute of Noise Control Engineering

Representative Project Experience
Acoustical Testing
NASA: Acoustical Properties of Materials for the NASA 80x120 wind tunnel
Hitco: Dynamic Properties of Fiber-reinforced Composites
US Navy: Testing of Advanced Sonar Window Materials
City of Minneapolis: Low-frequency Transmission Loss Measurements
AiResearch Mfg.: Gas Centrifuge Fault Implant Testing
(at USC): Dynamic Properties of Aluminum & Composite Honeycomb Panels
DPS Technical: Pavement Impedance Testing
Metrolink: Borehole Vibration Propagation Testing
(at USC): Laboratory Testing of Acoustic Metamaterials

Underwater Acoustics
US Navy: Experimental Study of Self-Noise Sources on Submarines
MDAC: Feasibility Study for MDAC Underwater Acoustic Test Facility

Environmental Noise
US Forest Service: Analysis of Aircraft Noise Exposure in Low Indigenous Sound Levels
NASA: Audibility & Annoyance of En Route Noise - Unducted Fan Noise
National Park Service: Measurement & Analysis of Indigenous Sound Environments
Lockheed Martin: Noise Exposure & Community Response to CALF Testing
US Air Force: Comparison of Place and Personal Aircraft Noise Exposure
SAIC: Monitoring of Aircraft Noise in the Owyhee and Jarbridge MOAs
Caltrans: Indoor & Outdoor Highway Noise Monitoring along CA SR210
United Airlines: Noise Exposure from Aircraft Ground Maintenance Operations
Calmat Properties: Train Pass-by Audibility Predictions
Dept. of Parks & Recreation: Noise Impacts from Offroad Motorcycle Park
Martin Marietta: Assessment of Quarry Blast Noise
Caltrans: Adverse Noise Reflections from Highway Soundwalls

Noise Control
AiResearch Mfg.: P1C Gas Centrifuge Noise Reduction Feasibility Study
NASA: Investigation of Acoustic Treatments for Microphone Supports
Preformed Metal Products: Acoustic Performance of Pipe Lagging Systems
US Army COE: Noise Control for Airblast Circuit Breakers
US Navy: Modal Analyses of Trident Sound Isolation Couplings
AiResearch Mfg.: Gas Centrifuge Scale Model Study
Towne Club: Noise Control Recommendations for Club Dining Rooms
US Navy: Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard Noise Exposure and Control
Dataproducts Corp.: Sound Intensity Measurements & Noise Control for Printers
Astech Corp.: Design of Noise Control Enclosures using Steel Honeycomb Panels
NORAC Pharma: Laboratory Noise Measurements & Noise Control Recommendations

Test Facilities
MDAC: Certification Measurements for 2400 m3 Anechoic Test Facility
BBN: Design and Construction of the BBN Sonic Boom Test Facility

Human Effects
US Air Force: Field Studies of Habituation to Aircraft Noise
US Air Force: Evaluation of Sleep Motility Measurement Methods
NASA: Lab Study of the Noticability of Sounds at Low S/N Ratios
NASA: Comparison of Noise Metrics as Predictors of Annoyance
NASA: Noise-Induced Sleep Disturbance
US Air Force: Relationship Between Short and Long Term Annoyance of Noise
City of Millbrae: SFO Airport Low Frequency Noise Studies
Fidell Associates: Development of Alternative Train Warning Signals for Pedestrians

Airport Noise
O'Hare NCC: Review of Chicago O'Hare Noise Exposure Contours
O'Hare NCC: Benchmarking ANMS Noise Event Classification Performance
Cessna: Community Noise Predictions for Cessna Runup Facility
City of Cincinnati: Cincinnati Noise Monitoring and Flight Track Analysis
US Dept. of Justice: NAS Oceana Noise Modeling
Learjet: Learjet Ground Runup Facility Noise Predictions
US Dept. of Justice: MCAS Beaufort Noise Predictions
Adams County, CO: Denver International Airport Noise Impact Analysis

Sonic Boom Research
US Air Force: Structural Damage Due to Sonic Boom Exposure
US Air Force: Sonic Boom Window Damage Studies
US Air Force: Effects of Sonic Booms on Egg Hatchability

Software Development
US Army: ADRPM (Outdoor Acoustic Propagation and Detection)
AiResearch Mfg.: DIGCEP (Machinery Condition Monitoring)
BBN: LabWare (Real-time Data Acquisition)
US Air Force: HRM (Signal Processing & Noise Event Classification)
BBN: DataProbe (Data Analysis & Visualization)
US Air Force: Recmap (Joint-Probability Noise Exposure Model)
Massport: ANOMS (Noise Event Classification)

US Air Force: Development of a Miniaturized Noise Monitor
Acentech: Development of Ruggedized PVDF Microphone
ATS Consulting: 80,000 lbF Borehole Load Cells
BBN: Custom Signal Conditioning Amplifiers
Wavefront: Development of an Acoustic Tachometer

Misc. Aerospace
Ford Aerospace: Evaluation of Liftoff Failure of INSAT-1A
Westinghouse: CALTP MX Launch System Testing
O'Hare NCC: Analysis of Radar Flight Track Processing

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