Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities -- such as heavy manufacturing and assembly plants, petrochemical plants, and
power-generation facilities -- often suffer from a wide assortment of vibration and acoustical problems. 

From a community perspective, such facilities are often required to implement environmental noise control measures in order to reduce noise pollution in residential areas.  In addition to meeting community noise standards, these facilities often require some on-site noise control, measurement, and monitoring to meet regulatory approval by OSHA and other agencies. 

From a technical perspective, rotating and impact machinery in such facilities often generates large dynamic loads that can cause vibration problems.  While the work in these facilities is typically not sensitive to the micro-vibration of concern in Advanced Technology Facilities, heavy machinery can generate such large-amplitude vibration that even large tools can be affected.

Inside many industrial manufacturing facilities, tool-generated noise and vibration can result in less-comfortable and less-productive environments. Whether casued by base-building mechanical systems or the factory tools themselves, we can help make your facility more efficient and productive.

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