EMI/RF: Electromagnetic Emissions Studies

VACC has long provided low-frequency magnetic field testing for environmental qualification of laboratory facilities. In 2010, we partnered with a colleague to provide additional theoretical expertise in electromagnetic field interference and compatibility (EMI/EMC). Together, we provide high-end modeling as well as test and measurement services to high-tech facilities and critical infrastructure projects.

Theoretical Expertise
Our team's expertise is in modeling and simulation of electromagnetic phenomena associated with power systems, including power frequency electric and magnetic fields, high-voltage corona effects, and field effects from electric transportation system. Current work includes modeling of ferromagnetic and conducting shield designs using finite element and boundary integral software, modeling of substations and transmission lines, and analyses of interference issues with sensitive laboratory and medical imaging equipment.

Experimental Expertise
We provide field characterization of existing systems as well as ambient environments. Our services have most recently been utilized in EIR/EIS studies for high-speed train and light-rail projects. We have developed rapid characterization methodologies and special data processing and presentation software.   We invite you to contact us to discuss your unique needs.





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