Noise & Vibration Design

Architectural Design
We provide general design and measurement services in interior architectural acoustics and noise control design for noise isolation, sound transmission class (STC), impact isolation class (IIC), reverberation time / speech intelligibility, and more. We support regulatory compliance activities such as CNEL / Title 24 testing and design review for building permits.  These services begin from initial concept design, ambient measurements, design development, construction-phase support, all the way to final performance testing and commissioning. 

Structural Design
We provide the same design and measurement services for structural vibration control. Our engineers hold degrees in Civil, Structural, and Materials Engineering, giving us a unique advantage in the design and construction of robust, cost-effective solutions. Our involvement spans site evaluation with respect to soil condition and environmental vibration sources, design of structures for which vibration demands control, MEP layout and isolation of rotating mechanical systems, construction-phase support, all the way to final performance testing and commissioning. Our specialty is comprehensive vibration design in demanding settings, such as in Advanced Technology Facilities.

Product and Tool Design
In addition to structural and architectural design input, we provide expertise and services in vibration and noise design of products.  Products which are sensitive -- such as scanning electron microscopes -- as well as those that are generators -- such as motors and pumps -- require careful vibration and noise design considerations during their development process.  We employ both analytical and experimental techniques to assess the structural dynamics behind the vibration and noise design needs of components and systems under development.  

Our Services
Our noise and vibration design services span the spectrum from the everyday to the high-tech, from architectural/structural design to product design.  With ongoing projects around the world, we can respond quickly to your project needs. Please contact us to learn how we can help you design the high-quality environments and products you want.





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