Structural Dynamics

We have extensive experience in utilizing various finite element programs such as NASTRAN, Algor, Strudl, Ansys, etc. in performing sophisticated dynamic analysis.  Frequency response functions, time history analysis, modal analyses, dynamic soil-structure interaction are a few of types of dynamic analyses performed in our projects.  We pride ourselves in having gained valuable experience by field testing of a significant number of structures, tools, etc. using shaker and hammer systems.

Primary Structures
In our design of Advanced Facilities, we use our extensive analytical and practical experience in determining the need for such design elements as structural isolation breaks between different building systems, foundation design types, and horizontal stiffening.  Our experience also allows us to make smart design decisions; we have often been praised for simplifying structural systems -- realizing significant cost savings -- without compromising the dynamic performance of facilities.

Secondary Structures
We pride ourselves for having designed and tested hundreds of semiconductor tool pedestals and other secondary structures.  We have gained valuable experience in field testing of pedestals (using two-channel impact hammer measurements).  We are keenly aware of fabrication and installation limitations of various constructions at connections (welding or bolting) and anchorage points and use our experience to ensure that system-limiting local compliances do not thwart a theoretically sound design.  With our knowledge of tool sensitivities and understanding of fab structural dynamics, we design these pedestals to minimize interaction between the building structure and the pedestal. 

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