Environmental Noise

Environmental noise from such large-scale manufacturing sites as Advanced Technology Facilities and Industrial Facilities often presents financial and legal challenges.  We have the software, hardware, and more importantly the experience to carry out environmental noise evaluation of your facilities. 

Computer-Based Modeling
We can construct noise propagation models of sites based on facility buildings, fixtures, noise sources (obtained from equipment vendors and/or field measurements), ground contour, prevailing weather conditions, and other factors.  These models may be exercised to determine noise contours and predicted property line noise levels, allowing noise mitigation design to occur as early as the conceptual design phases of projects.  When our evaluation effort is part of the design of a facility, we use the results to provide timely design inputs in order to mitigate noise generated from major sources.  The timely implementation of mitigation measures -- planned before equipment is procured and installed -- are far more cost effective than measures taken after the fact. 

Our Services
We can employ the same expertise and capabilities to address your other unique environmental noise issues, large or small.  Our experience spans environmental impact studies, assessment of transportation noise, building exterior acoustical design, and more.  For industrial and commercial facilities, noise prediction and mitigation efforts may be required by zoning, ordinance, and permitting processes. In residential settings, such efforts may be required during permitting; in California, the Title 24 noise requirements for indoor and outdoor noise levels (CNEL, sometimes referred to as day-night noise levels) is often required prior to issuance.

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