Vibration and Noise Testing and Measurement

We are a full-service vibration and noise consultancy. Due to the demanding nature of our design work, we maintain world-class test and measurement capabilities. We not only design systems and structures; we test them and monitor their performance, as well. We currently have the expertise and instrumentation to perform acoustical and micro-vibration testing / analyses including:

  • Sound power (PWL) and sound pressure (SPL) measurement and testing
    • PWL measurement for source specification or regulatory compliance
    • noise measurement for indoor and outdoor ambient criterion or regulatory compliance
    • outdoor noise measurement for noise ordinance (CNEL, Ldn, etc.) compliance
    • outdoor noise measurement for permitting (Title 24, CNEL, Ldn, etc.)
    • outdoor sound monitoring for construction noise impact
    • hydroacoustic (underwater sound) monitoring for in-water work
    • detailed noise and sound quality testing for industrial tools and consumer products
  • Interior / architectural acoustical measurements
    • SPL testing of indoor noise levels in homes and industrial settings
    • Sound Transmission Class (STC and FSTC) testing
    • Impact Isolation Class (IIC and FIIC) testing
    • testing and analyses for permitting (condo conversion, new construction, etc.)
    • reverberation time (RT60) and room absorption testing
    • OSHA workplace noise testing
  • Ground, floor, and product vibration measurements
    • ambient micro-vibration measurement and analysis
    • short-term and long-term vibration monitoring of rail, traffic, and construction impact
    • environmental and local source identification
    • walker-induced floor vibration
    • mechanical system vibration testing
    • blasting vibration
    • detailed vibration testing for industrial tools and consumer products
  • Forced excitation (hammer testing) of foundations, structures, and tool pedestals
    • foundation stiffness determination
    • transfer function testing / vibration propagation in structures
    • structural dynamics and accelerance / mobility / acceptance FRF testing
  • Multi-channel time history, narrowband FFT, and true fractional-octave signal analysis
    • full long-waveform "tape-recording" directly to disk
    • high-resolution narrowband FFT from DC to ultrasonic frequencies
    • true single and 1/3 octave band analyses; synthetic analyses at any bandwidth
    • post-hoc noise and vibration data analysis under variable analytical conditions
  • Experimental modal analyses of tools and sensitive equipment

  • Long and short term property line noise monitoring to determine compliance with ordinances

  • Electromagnetic field (EMF / EMI) measurement and reporting


Please contact us with your questions about our equipment, software, measurement capabilities, and design techniques.




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