Vibration and Noise Monitoring Services

In addition to vibration and acoustical design, we are fully-equipped with state-of-the-art test and measurement instrumentation to custom-install short term as well as long term vibration and noise monitoring systems at your facilities and projects. From airborne noise to groundborne vibration to blasting to underwater noise, we can help make your project a success. 

Noise Monitoring Systems and Analysis Services
Noise monitoring is used to record noise levels at property lines as part of determining compliance with local ordinances under operation or during construction.  We also use noise monitoring data as part of full 3-D computer-based environmental noise evaluation of facilities and construction sites. 

Workplace Noise and OSHA Analyses
Workplace noise regulations are intended to protect workers against long-term hearing loss. We offer monitoring and testing services to determine noise dose and time-weighted average exposure to workplace noise. Multiple monitoring options are available, including a "remote-monitoring" service that can save you money. 

Ground Vibration Monitoring and Analysis Services
Micro-vibration monitoring is sometimes needed to protect a sensitive facility -- for example, a sensitive laboratory -- from construction vibration.  Because fast-track construction schedules and ongoing protection of high-yield production are often in conflict, monitoring is essential in maintaining the goals of both.  In addition, compact sites and large infrastructure projects put homeowners and commercial neigbors at risk of vibration-induced structural damage due to construction activities like soil compaction, pile driving, and blasting. Vibration monitoring provides both real-time protection against high vibration levels as well as historical data to help assess whether damage was due to adjacent jobsites.

Underwater Noise Monitoring
Underwater construction activities (especially underwater piling) put marine species at risk. Hydroacoustic (underwater sound) monitoring is used to meet standards imposed on projects by NOAA and other agencies. All of our monitoring options are available for underwater as well as above-water projects. Our single-instrument platform means that we can integrate underwater noise measurement and underwater sound monitirong tasks with traditional airborne noise and groundborne vibration monitoring required by many projects.

Our Services
We can deploy single- and multi-channel instruments for monitoring of noise and vibration. Short-term and long-term monitoring options are available. Our systems can provide real-time data and issue warnings/alarms via email and SMS. Web-based interfaces allow project managers and community stakeholders to see data in real time. On projects where we are involved prior to major construction activities, we can assist in the development of vibration and noise control plans as required by project specifications.

Our background in sensitive facilities design and environmental noise modeling makes us uniquely qualified to supply complete planning and noise and vibration monitoring solutions. We invite you to contact us to discuss not only your monitoring needs but also the design and deployment of corrective measures, if they become necessary.





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