Special Problems & Studies

Perhaps our greatest strength is our broad knowledge base and experience -- we not only know the rules-of-thumb, but we understand their underlying physical principles.  We aren't tied to the needs of one particular industry or another.  That is, the core principles behind vibration control in semiconductor fabs is no different than those behind vibration control in automobiles or microscopes or gymnasiums.  The "rules-of-thumb" might differ, but we understand the "real" rules that govern any dynamic system.   

Diverse Projects
Therefore, we are just as capable of designing vibration control for Advanced Technology Facilities (where vibration is often measured as a velocity in micro-inches per second) as for Industrial Facilities (where vibration might be measured as a velocity in inches per second).  Similarly, our acoustic design capability is as valid in the audio spectrum (where people are sensitive) as it is in the ultra-sonic spectrum (where many animals -- such as bats -- are sensitive).  Perhaps most importantly, we are able to decide when the "old" rules-of-thumb apply (as in single-floor semiconductor fab design), and when it is time to start making some "new" rules-of-thumb (as with stacked fabs having more than one level of process floor). 

Unusual Projects
We have been called in to help with many unusual projects.  For example, we were asked to assist in the design of an active control system used in a ferryboat landing in Washington State.  In another instance, we were called upon to help design a gymnasium floor that was to lie directly above a noise and vibration sensitive auditorium at the University of California at San Francisco.

Our Services
We relish the opportunity work on unusual and non-standard projects.  They keep us fresh and alert to new ideas.  We invite you to contact us to discuss your unique needs.





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