Matt Sneddon has over thirty years’ experience  conducting a broad variety of acoustic test & measurement programs, transportation and community noise studies, as well as modeling, simulation, & software development tasks. His recent projects include developing improved methods for modeling elastic wave propagation through soils and characterizing the behavior of high transmission-loss acoustic metamaterials. Experienced in managing the activities of project teams, mentoring technical staff, and working hands-on in direct technical roles.

Education:  B.S., Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1978

Registrations/Training: Member, Acoustical Society of America Member, Institute of Noise Control Engineering Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Key skills: Vibration, acoustic, and structural design, measurement, study, and consultation.

Selected project experience
SF Public Utilities Commission: Community noise modeling
US Navy: Testing of advanced sonar window materials
AiResearch Mfg.: Gas centrifuge fault implant testing
Metrolink: Subsurface vibration propagation testing
Hitco: Measurements of the dynamic properties of fiber-reinforced composites
Caltrans: Indoor & outdoor highway noise monitoring Caltrans: Adverse noise reflections from highway soundwalls
Corps of Engineers: Noise control for airblast circuit breakers
US Navy: Modal analyses of Trident sound isolation couplings
BBN: Design and construction of the BBN Sonic Boom Test Facility
City of Millbrae: SFO airport low-frequency noise studies
Chicago/O’Hare: Benchmarking noise event classification performance

Cessna: Community noise predictions for engine run-up facility
US Dept. of Justice: Aircraft noise modeling at NAS Oceana
Adams County, CO: Denver International Airport Noise Impact Analysis
US Air Force: Laboratory studies of Sonic Boom structural damage